Review By UK Magazine
Columnist Ananga Sivyer

Hi Frank,

“This self-published e-book is a well-researched and informative guide for anyone interested in lowering his or her blood pressure naturally. Frank Mangano went on a research quest to help his mother when she was diagnosed with high cholesterol. He learned a lot and learned it well. His down to earth writing style and wealth of ideas are presented in an easy to read common sense volume that would give hope and direction to anyone living with the silent condition that leads to a lifetime of taking unwelcome medication.”

Ananga Sivyer
Columnist for Lifescape Magazine UK

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Success Story #2: D. Macur

Hi Frank,

I received your e-mail and would like to thank you for your valuable information in your book Low Pressure Sex.

Historically, my blood pressure has been 150/100 and most recently had escalated to 170/120. Consistently following your suggested vitamin/herbal program and changing my overall lifestyle to include diet and exercise, my blood pressure is 115/70 !

By successfully following your program, I was able to eliminate taking prescription medications with side effects.

Thank you !
D. Macur
Princeton, N.J.

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Success Story #3: Mark G. Ross


I truly appreciate your help and even taking the time to talk with me about my blood pressure. I have been using your information and I am very happy to report GOOD NEWS. After just 6 weeks, my BP is already down in the 120's over 80's, and even as low as 70's.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU, and you can use this testimony on your site if you want. I know that the nutrition information has definitely helped. GOD BLESS you and your efforts.

I will recommend your e-book if I run into people with BP. AND, I usually do.


Mark G. Ross

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Success Story #4: Betty Jo Whitehead

My boyfriend ordered the manual "Low Pressure Sex" for me and I must say there is some of the best info in that manual that I have ever read.  I have already been using the supplements you suggest and have modified my diet as well as added daily exercise where before I was only exercising 3 times per week. 

And my bp is at a moderate level right now and I'm hoping over the course of the next couple of months it is going to move toward normal once again.  I took myself off bp meds slowly and when I was out I said I was not going to take them ever again and I have no intention of it now that I have the tools to keep my bp at a normal reading.

Thank you for the wonderful research and for making it possible for others to get off the medicine merry go round!

Betty Jo Whitehead

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Success Story #5: Joe Maier

Hi Frank,

I have improved considerably in the 3 months since I received "Low Pressure Sex". I think everything you advised had a lot to do with lowering the pressure .

I experienced a drop with the first 3 days of the hypnosis. then things slowed down . At the time of starting this my pressure was over 200/100. Today it is 160/80 and I have dropped 5 drug pills. I am still on 4 pills a day but I am cutting down slowly every week. I have been on several natural herbs all through this time and will continue.
Thanks and I hope you help many more people like me.

Joe Maier

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Review By Dr. Donna Schwontkowski

“High blood pressure, stroke and heart attack (the big three) often create a dependence on prescription drugs that have many side effects - often impotency and depression.

The fact is that you don't ever have to say the words “before my stroke (or heart attack).” Instead you can substitute the words "before I knew how to prevent and reverse the big three" with the application of the knowledge in Frank Mangano's e-book, “Low Pressure Sex”. That's because he lists and explains the most effective nutritional supplements and their dosages that can prevent and reverse high blood pressure.

While being in the nutritional field for over 20 years, I've seen the emergence of a true desire for what people can do to improve their health. We're taking care of our health now more than ever, and with available and easily accessible information such as this, we give ourselves the chance to recover gracefully and in a wholesome, healthy
fashion. This book is for men and women alike.”

Dr. Donna Schwontkowski
Chiropractic Physician,
Nutritionist/Master Herbalist

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Success Story #6: Michael Tapias

Hi Frank,

I would like for you to know, that after reading your excellent book Low Pressure Sex, and putting in to practice the wise advice contained in the
book my bp went down to 140/82 mm Hg in about forty five days.

Looking forward to lower it even further.

Thanks Frank.


Michael Tapias
Miami Fl

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